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THE BLUEBOTTLE VEINS 'Raindrop Blues' EP download MP3s

THE BLUEBOTTLE VEINS 'Raindrop Blues' EP download MP3s

A new young band from North East Wales, The Bluebottle Veins release their debut 5 track EP 'Raindrop Blues' on Ample Play Records.

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John Robb (Louder Than War) has them down as ‘the BEST young band in the UK right now.  Think Marc Bolan, Led Zeppelin or Beefheart, The Bluebottle Veins are part of something quite brilliant – a new rush of bands taking the electric blues and giving them a teenage rush…this band are really special.’

1.     Raindrop Blues                             [3:35]

2.     Want Me To Do                             [3:45]

3.     Resentment Song                         [2:50]

4.     It's All Gone                                   [3:25]

5.     If You Only Knew (Bonus)             [3:51]

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