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Super Deluxe Large Screenprint of Cornershop and the Double 'O' Groove Of artwork

Taken from the Double 'O' Groove of artwork this is a 50cm x 50cm ultra limited edition, top quality screen print - created using our famous an award winning cornershop/ampleplay in-house designer Nick Edwards, handmade by the Private Press in Brighton, England. Beautiful paper, comes signed by Ben and Tjinder.

Limited of edition of 9.

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AMPLA Double O Screenprint

Availability: This is a rare investment piece - thanks for shopping local

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50cm x 50cm limited edition. Beautifully handmade on quality card.  Brighten up your house, brighten up your corners with this surefire classic investment, designed by Nick Edwards, who has created artwork since ‘When I Was Born for the 7th Time’.

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