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Coming Face To Face - Sexton Ming - MP3 LP

Coming Face To Face - Sexton Ming - MP3 LP

Legendary Outsider, Sexton Ming's full album 'Coming Face To Face'

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Sexton Ming returns with an album that keeps him way at the forefront of Outsider Music. Unflappable, unthinkable, humorous and at times almost unlistenable, until you look behind this wizard’s curtain and get taken in by the bio resistance therapy.  He started performing at 16, originally as a poet, with the legendary Medway Poets.  Desperate to play in a rock ‘n’ roll band he soon gave up guitar and inspired by Keith Moon, took to the drums. Sexton began his recording career on Billy Childish’s Hangman Label producing collaborations with Childish inspired by the early DaDaists, Edward Lear, Captain Beefheart and the literature of the absurd, as well as his own solo projects.  After spending four years in rural France (1989-993), Sexton came back to London to find the Indie Riot Grrrl scene flourishing, & the non-starter Queer Core. Always one to push the boat out further Sexton championed the cross dresser. He formed a punk outfit with Liam Watson of Toe Rag Studios on bass and Josh Collins, film-maker and Frat Shack entrepreneur on drums. Sexton Ming and the Diamond Gussets created Ultra dirty guitar with lyrics that put G.G. Allen to shame. They would perform in drag with Sexton chanting such slogans as “Equal rights for Transvestites!” In 1999, he formed his own Company; RIM Records to put out his strange Outsider Music, with the slogan “Uncouth is the new Cool”. His cult status in the US has seen Sexton commissioned to design Skateboards for Death Skate Boards, and open shopping malls.

Sexton is happy. Married with a daughter and practising his own religion. You can’t join if you got tattoos. Sexton Ming is also due to release a new album with Billy Childish later this year on Damaged Goods Records. Ample Play are proud to present his latest album ‘Coming Face To Face’, another unique recording by a true maverick.

Sexton Ming extracts from 'Coming Face to Face' LP by ample play records

"For 25 years this Medway Poet - cum scaremonger has collaborated, performed, subverted and freaked-out audiences across 12 albums under his own name - and countless others - with the likes of Billy Childish. The term 'Outsider Music' doesn't begin to do him justice." 4/5 Record Collector


"The word 'legend' gets bandied about so often these days, so I thought I'd throw it out there one more time for Sexton Ming."  4/5 Artrocker


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